2019 Environmental Fair & Eco Market

Kendra Rainford

On April 25th, The Environmental Committee was excited to present the 2nd Annual West Park Healthcare Centre Environmental Fair. The Eco Market featured local and environmentally sustainable vendors:

Cool Straw was on site selling savvy solutions for a sustainable home. Such items for sale included: reusable straws and bamboo dental and kitchen products. Starter kits were available at the fair for $20 to help eliminate over 1000 pieces of plastic/year in your household! 

Click here to view the Cool Straw website.

The Bee Shop was selling various honey products, including items such as raw honey, creamed honey, lip balms and honey comb. The Bee Shop has supported urban bee keeping in Toronto for over 16 years!

Click here to view The Bee Shop website.

Unboxed Market had set up a pop-up farm market and sold fresh and local produce. Unboxed Market is Toronto’s first ever zero waste grocery store. Shop fresh, local produce including: apples, oranges, potatoes, peppers and even reusable produce bags. 

Click here to view the Unboxed Market website.


Informative sustainability-related stands were available to learn how wekeep it GREEN at West Park. You could receive tickets for every stand visited for a chance to win gift cards and green prizes!

Also, the fair was collecting electronic waste from home, including unwanted computers, laptop, printers and cellphones, to be recycled with the ERA. All those who donated e-waste were entered into a draw for a chance to win a prize!

We hope to see you at our next annual Environmental Fair – more info and dates to come!

‘Sleep’ Mode Saves Energy!

Kendra Rainford, March 6, 2019

Help save energy… it takes BEAR-ly any time!

West Park is working to reduce its energy usage by putting our computers into ‘SLEEP’ mode while not in use.

When you place your computer in ‘SLEEP’ mode it uses the least amount of power necessary. When the computer is turned back on, the user can immediately begin working where they left off in just a second or two!

By choosing ‘SLEEP’ mode, West Park staff is helping to break BEARiers with our sustainability goals!

West Park Receives Greening Healthcare Award!

April, 2018


The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) announced that West Park Healthcare Centre has been awarded the Greening Health Care 5 % Club Award.

The award, created through the TRCA’s Greening Health Care Program, recognizes hospitals that have successfully reduced their total energy consumption by at least 5% relative to their baseline.

Winners of this award have shown a commitment in achieving energy conservation at their facilities and demonstrated the effectiveness of performance based conservation.

“We would like to congratulate your hospital for this achievement and your commitment to addressing energy conservation and the fight against climate change,” said Gemma Stott-Correia, Coordinator with the Community Transformation Programs and Watershed Strategies Division of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. “We hope that this accomplishment further motivates energy conservation through improvements in operations and retrofit projects within your facility.”

“This award signifies West Park’s continued commitment to protecting the environment through responsible stewardship of our resources,” said Diane Zdybal, Director of Support Services for West Park. “Conservation is a community effort and West Park staff continue to do their part by turning off lights and switching electronic devices off when not in use. We continue to explore opportunities to make our buildings as energy efficient as possible as we look to building one of the most energy efficient hospitals in Ontario.”

“Congratulations to the entire Operations and Logistics team, the Environmental Committee and the staff and patients at West Park for your hard work and commitment to “greening!” said Anne-Marie Malek, West Park President & CEO. 

Awards will be presented at the Greening Health Care Forum on May 30, 2018.

West Park Takes Action Against Plastic Pollution!

Plastic pollution has reached global crisis with devastating impact that spans the entire globe, including the Great Lakes.  It is believed that 80% of the litter in the Great Lakes is made of plastic. When plastic is disposed of, it does not decompose it only breaks apart into smaller pieces. These pieces are referred to as ‘micro-plastics’. These toxic micro-plastics litter the environment, including water systems and are often times consumed by aquatic life. In addition, chemicals leach from these same plastics and make their way into drinking water.

Less than 11% of plastic in Canada is recycled.  

Approximately 90% of all plastic used in Canada finds its way to landfills, green spaces, communities and water posing threat to the environment.

How Can You Help?

Make the decision to RECYCLE at work!

The West Park Sustainability program is in the process of implementing a Centre-wide recycling program on all in-patient units. There are now fully operational recycling programs 2EC and coming soon to other units!  As a result of the tremendous efforts of our Centre staff, volunteers and patients we are now capturing glass, plastic and cans generated in these areas and diverting them from landfills. 

The 3EA, 3EB and 3EC soiled utility room diversion systems have been updated with appropriate bins and signage. This is to ensure all items that are disposed of are leaving the building in the correct designated waste stream. The Sustainability program will also implement this program Centre-wide to promote environmentally safe diversion during operations.  

Our top purchased single-use plastics are being reviewed to see how we can safely reduce or eliminate them from operations. Stay tuned for exciting updates on these initiates in the near future.

Click here to try a Green Peace calculator that will ask you seven (7) quick questions to give you an idea on how much plastic you use in a year! You can also learn how you can reduce plastic usage at home.

We are all accountable for environmentally responsible operations.