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Busting Myths for World Environment Day

June 6 2022 Clara Phillips In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5 2022, we present Myth Busters: Environment Edition, where we tackle some common misconceptions surrounding every-day work activities that have an environmental impact. Distinguishing fact from fiction is often an unavoidable battle as we are constantly exposed to content from social media… More

May the wheels be with you: May is National Bike Month!

May 6, 2022 Clara Phillips Come along for the ride this May as we celebrate Bike Month 2022! Dedicate this month to riding your bike as much as you can, and enjoy the many benefits that cycling offers for your health and for the environment. Whether you are a new, learning, or experienced rider, there… More

Community Clean Up for Earth Day

In honour of Earth Day (April 22) West Park staff members teamed up with York Humber High School on Monday to clean up our community. Our West Park team began at the back of the Ruddy Building and worked their way down Emmett Avenue toward Eglinton Avenue, diligently filling large garbage bags full of trash… More

Earth Hour 2022

Michelle Rowe-Jardine March 25, 2022 Saturday, March 26th 2022, marks the 15th annual Earth Hour, where people from 190 countries turn out their lights from 8:30-9:30 p.m. to call attention to climate change and the need to protect nature. Visit earthhour.org to find virtual events and ideas for how to spend #EarthHour !

A spotlight on environmental injustice during Black History Month

February 25, 2022 Clara Phillips February is Black History Month – a time of reflection, celebration, and action. For the month of February, West Park’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Collaborative has been sharing stories acknowledging both the achievements of the Black community as well as the barriers still in place that prevent equality, including in… More

Planting a new year, and joining the conversation

Clara Phillips January 25, 2022 The harsh recent weather has made it hard to ignore the winter blues. During this time of year, those suffering from poor mental health and mental illness are faced with even greater challenges from reduced daylight hours and colder temperatures. However, the start of a year can be viewed as a new beginning and an opportunity to manage stress, anxiety, and wellbeing with new coping mechanisms and small positive changes. Unfortunately, stigma surrounding mental health brings about feelings of shame, isolation, and… More

Approaches to lowering healthcare emissions

November 9, 2021 Clara Phillips Public health faces a concerning irony: air pollution is one of the most significant environmental challenges that affects public health, yet about 5% of Canada’s greenhouse gases are created by the healthcare sector. Critical policy and political changes are desperately needed, fueling discussions by global leaders at the Climate Change… More

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